Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

This statement sets out the Health and Safety Policy of Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease CLG ( and the means through which that policy is to be implemented.

Our objective is to provide a safe and healthy environment in which all work and other activities undertaken on behalf of can be carried out.

Our approach to Health & Safety as far as is reasonably practicable will be:

  • To provide safe places to work or hold activities on behalf of the company.
  • To identify and control hazards.
  • To prevent as far as is reasonably possible, any improper conduct or behaviour likely to put health & safety at risk.
  • To consult with employees and volunteers on all health and safety matters.
  • To provide protective clothing as necessary.
  • To provide appropriate information on a continuous basis.

Company Responsibilities.

The responsibility for the provision of a safe environment for the work and activities of the company rests with the Board of Directors of Specifically these responsibilities are:

  • To maintain a safe and healthy environment for all those working on behalf of
  • To maintain a vigilant and continuing interest in all Health and safety matters.

Employee and Volunteer Responsibilities.

Employees and volunteers as valued personnel of have a responsibility to themselves to carry out duties in a safe and considerate manner. They should:

  • Co- operate with the company in maintaining a safe environment.
  • Comply with any direction given for health and safety.
  • Report any potential hazards and not carry out work or activities in any hazardous situation.
  • Not interfere with or misuse anything provided by in the interests of health and safety.
  • Not take part in any horseplay or prank likely to lead to injury to self or to others.

Manual handling is a major cause of accidents. It is policy to minimise manual handling so it should be avoided as far as reasonably possible. If it is necessary to lift loads the weight should be checked before any lifting is attempted and if it is considered too heavy assistance should be sought.



Reporting of Accidents.

All accidents are required to be reported whether resulting in injury or not. Reports should be made to as follows.


Tel. 015252994.

The following details should be recorded:

  • Date, time and place of incident.
  • Name, address, and age of the injured person.
  • Circumstances, including cause, nature of injury and arrangements made for treatment.

All accidents will be investigated by a member of the Board of Directors or by somebody appointed by the board and a written report prepared. Corrective action will be taken to avoid a re – occurrence.

Implementation of the Policy. will ensure that all those working on behalf of the company will have access to the Health and Safety Policy. Each person will be given a copy of the general policy, together with a copy of the advice for health and safety for charity events (walks, runs etc.,)



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