Terms of Membership

Code of conduct 

Joining Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease (EOPD.ie) as a Full Member indicates your acceptance of our terms and conditions and the willingness of everyone who is part of your membership to adhere to our member  code of conduct


Payment for membership must be made within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. Your membership will lapse if you do not pay us within three months of the original invoice date. Membership payments are non-refundable. 


Peer support 

We offer Peer support by connecting people living with early-onset Parkinson’s, who are at a similar life stage. All new members receive a telephone call, if they so wish, from a member of our team who is also living with PD. We organise activities, such as socials online, exercise classes, and get-togethers which allow people the opportunity to meet others and hear what they are doing to help live well with eopd. We do not give medical advice or help with mental health conditions as we are not counsellors. The information and support provided comes from our own lived experience 


EOPD.ie Privacy Statement 

EOPD.ie is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. A copy of our Privacy Policy can be found at Privacy Policy | EOPD – Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease in Ireland.