Are you interested in health literacy?

Patients for Patient Safety Ireland (a WHO programme) is calling for a joined-up national
approach to health literacy to empower everybody in Ireland to be active
partners in their own care – an integrated approach across healthcare, education and
in our communities[kV1] to enable, encourage and educate people to have a voice in their
own care.
Research by the National Adult Literacy Agency ( NALA), confirmed by international
studies, shows that patients who understand health information are:

  • better informed about their health,
  • have more effective consultations with their health care provider,
  • are better informed about the medicines they are prescribed and
  • have improved health outcomes.

Literacy is a life skill. It must be taught and practised to be effective. Likewise Health
Literacy should be taught to everyone in preparation for healthcare conversations,
decisions, making informed choices, safeguarding good health, and all things health and
wellness related.
According to Medical Council research published in the Medical Independent (Sept
2023), the majority of patients want to be treated as partners in their
Yet the International Report of the European Health Literacy Population Survey 2019-
2021 shows that 43% of respondents have low levels of health literacy (
The Health Literacy initiative is endorsed by the International Society for Quality in
Health Care (ISQua) and is built on internationally-recognised resources and best
practices from the WHO, Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), NALA and others.
Our governance group includes thought leaders on health literacy in Ireland and
These aims can only be achieved in partnership with other advocacy and patient
groups, where we pool expertise, experience and contacts. Through collaboration and
our networks we can reach patients and service users in most need.
Please support this important initiative. Low levels of health literacy has serious
implications for the nation’s health and makes health literacy a key component in
delivering a quality service that has patient safety at its core.

Online briefing sessions have been scheduled: 16/11/2023 at 13:00 and
21/11/2023 at 11:00.
We invite you and your organisation to attend.
Email for the briefing details