ASPro-PD Study

In December, Cure Parkinson’s had explained that there had been complications with the necessary reformulation of ambroxol for the trial. That process has been successfully completed and contracts associated with the drug production for the trial are now being finalised. Once those activities are completed, we will be in a position to provide a timeline for the overall study. Meanwhile the trial team at UCL in London are proceeding with setting up the infrastructure behind the study (employing a trial manager and preparing research centres).

In addition to ASPro-PD, there is also the “AMBITIOUS study” of ambroxol (which is a Phase 2 study in Italy:

There is also the “GREAT study” of ambroxol (a Phase 2 study in the Netherlands:

There are also some small studies, such as the Agyany Pharma study in Israel ( There is also a combination therapy approach being explored in a Phase 2 study in Australia, which is looking at ambroxol with and without doxycycline ( Lots of ambroxol-focused activity.