Donate’s, primary audience are people diagnosed with Parkinson’s earlier in life, including Juvenile Parkinson’s and Young Onset Parkinson’s in addition we support all people on their Parkinson’s journey, regardless of age. The purpose of is to enhance the lives of people in Ireland who live with Parkinson’s.

We are a new charity set up to offer information and peer support while also getting involved in research as to date there is no cure. We organise events such as exercise classes and socials on location/Zoom so that people can connect with those who understand. We also raise awareness about EOPD which may help get an early diagnosis/intervention and by highlighting the importance of exercise as well as having a positive attitude, we believe helps us live well as possible with this condition.

Your donation will really help us and be greatly appreciated.

If you are a taxpayer and donate above €250 in the calendar year, we can reclaim the tax on your donation(s), e.g. a direct debit of €21+ a month will exceed the €250 threshold. Therefore a donation of €250 will be an extra €112 to us. For more information and application forms visit