EOPD.ie Calls for Action Local and European Elections

Access to Neurologists! 

  • We call on the Government for the funding of education of medical, allied healthcare and community professionals of the diagnosis and symptoms of Parkinson’s. This includes:
    • General Practitioners (GPs)
    • Consultants
    • Neurologists
    • Allied health professionals
    • Community network supports

    • General Practitioners (GP) are the first point of contact for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, we need provide awareness on the diagnosis of Parkinson’s and the referral process of people for neurologists.   
    • We call on the HSE to ensure that referrals by GPs to neurologists or geriatricians should be seen within 18 weeks. 
    • We call on the HSE to put in place measures that after diagnosis, the maximum should be one year between neurological appointments.


    Use of digital records 

    There should be a digital record system so that the multidisciplinary teams can have access to patients’ records. The patient should have real time access to their medical records.  

    • We call on the HSE to involve patients in the design and delivery of digitalisation of patient records.
    • With the digitalisation of patient records, it would be achievable to identify the number of people living with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease across the country.  
    • It would be important to identify the amount of people living with EOPD and where they are in order to make effective decisions on the best use of resources.


    Delivery on Slaintecare 

      • We call for the lift on the embargo and recruitment in the HSE, and to recruit all aspects of the multidisciplinary team including Parkinson’s Nurse, physiotherapists, nutritionists, speech and language therapists, and counselling services. 
      • We call on the Minister of State at the Department of Health and the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (Disability) to ensure access to all the multidisciplinary team services in the home and local community.  


      Information Resources 

        • At diagnosis every person should be given access to a central repository. We believe the suPer project is a good example of a central information resource and we support the completion of the suPer project. The suPer project is a European collective project funded under the framework of the Erasmus+ programme. The suPer project aims to provide digital multidisciplinary training in the field of Parkinson’s disease: suPer | Website of the suPer Erasmus+ project (super-project.org). We want EU funding to continue to this project. 
        • It’s important for Parkinson’s local group to provide peer support, signpost to exercise classes, partnership with various organisations, Government, and private sector. We call for funding for venue rental for exercise classes and workshops in the local community. 


        Increased Employment Opportunity 

        • Many of our members are working full-time without any support and some may not disclose their condition for fear of discrimination or termination of their employment. 
        • We are calling for equal opportunities when applying for work and to be treated the same as co-workers.
        • We call on the Minister for Finance to match the Old Age Pension welfare for people on Disability Allowance to allow people to move out of the poverty bracket.


        For more information about Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease, please visit our website.