EOPD.ie Slogan Competition

The EOPD.ie invites entries to the EOPD.ie Slogan Competition.

Slogans should be short and catchy (no more than eight to ten words) to capture the true spirit of EOPD.ie.

Slogans should have never been used by any other charities.

All entries to EOPD.ie on or before Wednesday, 2nd of March. Kindly note that entries would not be accepted by way of telephone.

The winner will receive €20 One 4 All voucher and a stylish EOPD.ie T-shirt

The EOPD.ie board reserves the right to use the winning slogan during its planned extensive promotion of EOPD.ie

Please go to our website www.eopd.ie and social media pages (like and follow us) for inspiration.