#EurUpIan #Day2 #MontBlanc

Jun 6

Update from Team Eurupian

 Morning: I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m wondering what this morning would have felt like if I had summited Mont Blanc yesterday. However, it is the difficult and dangerous task facing both Brian and Lorraine this morning, descending the Goûter ridge, especially in the current weather conditions; that is why I was advised not to summit.

My balance issues, one of the many symptoms of Parkinson’s, and exacerbated on the heavy fresh snow would simply have put more than just my life at risk. I’m nervous until I get news that my two amazing friends are down safe.

So proud to call these two Mont Blanc summiteers my friends and part of Team Eurupian. I have to say goodbye now as I continue my journey to Portugal. It’s been very emotional.