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The Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease ( online community is a welcoming and supportive place where people affected by Parkinson’s and those close to them can find information and support, ask questions, and share information or personal experiences of their Parkinson’s.
To help keep this community an inclusive and safe place for active and supportive discussion, we ask that all of our users follow these simple guidelines. community forum guidelines
  • Who can join the discussion?
  • Who can register?
The forum is aimed at anyone who is affected by Early Onset Parkinson’s. However, other people may register too, as long as your posts remain relevant to the issues.
For the protection and safety of children, this forum does not support members under the age of 18.

Accessing 24 hr care

Is it possible to access 24 hrs home care and if so is this avaisble through the hse.

Bladder Issues

Hi, I’m looking for some advice or guidance in relation to my dad. My dad has EOPD, he’s 15 years with his diagnosis this year. My dad is in full […]

Hand Exercises

What are the best exercises for hand movement


What are the best exercises for hand movement

Azilect shortage 01 Dec 2023

Latest medication supply issues we are aware of: We have been advised that Azilect is in short supply and the soonest expected date for new supplies is in 2024. Please […]