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Why become a member of EOPD?

We want you to participate with us on making life better for all people with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease and make a real difference. Your membership helps us to advocate for better support for people diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease, helping to improve quality of life. As a member of EOPD, you will have access to our unique, peer-to-peer support network.

What we have to offer:

  • We provide access for researchers to communicate with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease,
  • We assist the medical education community with real people with Parkinson’s, including medical students to learn to diagnose PD,
  • We help to develop and improve treatments,
  • We aim to improve life for people living with PD in Ireland – We are active in the provision of supports for recently diagnosed Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease,
  • We meet and discuss EOPD requirements where we can make a significant contribution to government policy and HSE operations,
  • We help individuals who have been diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease. We meet our new members and share with them our knowledge and lived experience,
  • Attend and vote at Annual General Meeting (AGM),
  • Getting involved with publishing television and radio items are part of our publishing goals. Members can get involved in providing information to the media. Members can get involved to a level that they feel comfortable and they choose. Please let us know what you wish to do in your volunteering. 

Who can become a member of EOPD?

  • Individuals with Parkinson’s
  • Family members or friends of people diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s 
  • Those working or studying in health or social care, specifically with an interest in Parkinson’s
  • Self-advocacy groups 
  • Voluntary and statutory organisations providing support to people with a Parkinson’s 

How to join and membership fees

There are three types of membership:

  • Full Member – Person with Parkinson’s. 
  • Full Member – Family member, friend or Person with interest in PD 
  • Community Member


All memberships cost €25. New Membership

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For any questions on becoming a member or renewal on membership, please email info