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Step 1: Choose how you want to raise money

Sometimes the hardest part of organising a fundraiser is coming up with the fundraising idea itself. To help inspire you, we’ve put together some suggestions for the types of activities and events you can do to raise money. Or choose your own!

Fundraising ideas & tips

There’s nothing quite like a warm cup of your choice and homemade cake to brighten up everyone’s morning! Or how about inviting pals around for an afternoon tea?.

As another great fundraising idea, you can get on your bike and take part in a sponsored cycle!

Approach your employer or teacher to agree to an informal dress day at your workplace or school. You’ll find your colleagues will gladly make a donation to leave their suits, formal wear and uniforms at home for the day! A great idea for fundraising for your school or workplace.

Many employers have a charity or community fund and offer matched-giving to their employees. Whatever fundraising idea you decide to undertake, make sure to ask your employer if they’ll match your fundraising total.

Set a fitness goal by organising your own fun run in your local park. You could also enter one of the many organised events around the country. Enlist friends and secure sponsorship from your network. You can create your own personal fundraising page here and get started right now!

Approach your local golf club and arrange a date for a golf tournament. Involve your local businesses, hotels and restaurants by asking them to donate a prize and invite them to enter a team.

A bag pack at your local supermarket is a great idea for fundraising. Approach the manager and secure a busy date. Engage a group of enthusiastic friends and create a timetable for the day. will provide your team with T-shirts and labeled collection buckets.  Just get in touch here and we’ll set you up with everything you need. A great fundraising idea for clubs and schools.

Celebrate the 60s, 70s, 80s or even the noughties with an ‘oldies’ disco. Encourage your friends to dress up to represent the decade and charge for admission. Don’t forget to take photos!

A pub quiz is another much-loved and successful fundraiser. Arrange your venue well in advance, source prizes, a good MC and promote your event through colleagues, friends and at the venue.

Everyone loves to win prizes so try organising a private raffle. Ask your local shops, restaurants, hotels and cinema for prizes or vouchers. Give yourself lots of time to sell the tickets. Be aware that if you plan to sell tickets publicly you would require a license from the police/gardaí. One of the best fundraising ideas for schools.

As another great fundraising idea, you can take part in a sponsored run or fundraise for by running a marathon! Find organised runs in Ireland

Take part in a sponsored walk or organise your own – another great fundraising idea for schools and clubs.

Try a Halloween or Funky Christmas Jumper party. Or base your party on a movie, a colour or simply a letter from the alphabet. You may unearth some treasures in your local Oxfam shop. Participants can make a donation and you can offer award prizes for the most imaginative costumes.

Get a taste of a bygone era with a vintage event. You’ll have fun researching what people wore – from togas in Cleopatra’s ancient Egypt to a medieval Irish monk to a 1920s flapper!

A very easy (and tasty) fundraiser! Simply choose a date that suits your circle and ask your guests for donations. Approach local off-licenses and supermarkets to enlist their support. It may well become an annual fundraising event.

As long as it’s legal, go for it! And tell us about it.

Of course, you are not limited to the ideas listed above- if you have an idea for a fundraiser we would love to hear it and support you in any way we can!  Email to get sponsorship material and support for your upcoming fundraiser.

Step 2: Set up a fundraising page

One of the first things you will want to think about is how you are going to collect donations or sponsorship. Setting up a fundraising page is the quickest and easiest way to let friends, family and work colleagues know you are raising money. We encourage that you set up a Fundraising page through our Enthuse Profile Page, just  follow the link below which will bring you to our profile and then click on the ‘Fundraise for Us’ on the top of the page. 

Step 3: Promote your fundraiser

Remember to ask family, friends, your community and colleagues to get involved in your fundraiser too.

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