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Volunteering with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease (EOPD.ie)

Early Onset Parkinson’s CLG (“EOPD.ie”) is dedicated to maintaining a quality programme where volunteers can unlock their potential and learn from each other in a supportive environment. EOPD.ie provides services to people living with early onset Parkinson’s and we would not be able to provide our valuable services to them without the time, energy, and commitment of our volunteers.

EOPD.ie intends to develop exciting volunteer opportunities for potential volunteers from all walks of life. We will strive to maintain best practices in all areas of our work from recruitment to on-site support to ensure that our volunteers have the best possible experience and the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of and contribution to the work of EOPD.ie.

How to get involved

Whatever your strengths are, we’re sure that we will have something that will interest you. Whatever role you choose, you will be making a huge difference to the work that we do.

How can you help?

EOPD.ie is a team of volunteers working tirelessly to raise funds, increase awareness and support people affected by Parkinson’s. We are incredibly lucky to have an ever-growing army of volunteers who offer their time and support, and get involved in our work.

Click here to view a brief description of our current volunteering opportunities. For more information on the roles and to apply please contact info@eopd.ie

If you have a particular interest or area you feel you can help with that isn’t detailed below, please do get in touch to have a conversation with our team.

Already a volunteer?

If you’re already volunteering with us, you can find all of the information and resources you will need to help you in your role here.

Volunteering Roles at EOPD.ie

What Roles are available at the EOPD.ie?

Below are brief descriptions of the current volunteering opportunities at the EOPD.ie. The positions available in locations around Ireland vary depending on local needs, but we welcome all enquiries. For more information on the roles and to apply please contact volunteer@eopd.ie.

If you have a particular interest or area you feel you can help with that isn’t detailed below, please do get in touch to have a conversation with our team.
Volunteering with EOPD.ie Support Group
In-Person Support Groups

Our Support Groups provide essential, local help to people living with Parkinson’s. These groups bring together people affected by Parkinson’s in an environment of mutual support and friendship, to help tackle the sense of isolation. We are limited in the number of Groups we can effectively manage but we are constantly reviewing our locations based on member interest. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a new Group to discuss this possibility.

Online Support Groups

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis all our Support Groups are meeting digitally. We have combined some of our existing support group areas and each group is meeting around once every 2 months.

In the future, we look forward to having a combination of both in-person and Online Support Groups and will explore the best ways to involve our volunteers.

Support Group Leaders – Our Support Groups could not run without our volunteer Support Group Leaders. They help us with the local administration for the groups and are our hosts and representatives at the meetings. The role involves organising around three meetings a year. This includes booking the meeting space in conjunction with board, arranging refreshments on the day, and where possible arranging talks from local professionals.

Support Group Helpers – Support Group Helpers assist the Support Group Leader as needed but especially with practicalities on the day. During the meeting they help with refreshments and provide a listening ear to our members.

Our in-person Support Groups are currently suspended due to Covid-19, however if you would like to register an interest please do get in touch.

Events Volunteers – As a small organisation we struggle to be at every event our wonderful supporters take part in. Our Events Volunteers help at local events by representing EOPD.ie. This could be in the crowd cheering people on or by contributing other skills such as event photography.

User Information Panel Members – As a member-led organisation we greatly value the contribution of people with Parkinson’s, friends, and healthcare professionals to the review process for our published information materials. This includes our ever-expanding factsheets, published guides for members and healthcare professionals and one-off projects. User Information Panel Members proofread and give feedback on new materials and as part of the review process for existing documentation.

Office Volunteers – Our Office Volunteers provide administrative support to our Services and Fundraising Teams in helping us to support our members and raise vital awareness of Parkinson’s.

Helping Hands Volunteers – We are always eager to make use of the enthusiasm and skills of those interested in Volunteering for us. Helping Hands Volunteers are those members who wish to share their skillsets in a variety of ways, this role can involve a wider variety of tasks which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Raising awareness by speaking local event
  • Representing the charity locally.
  • One-off bucket collections
  • Conducting desk-based work such as, helping us to research Parkinson’s support services worldwide

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