How to Improve Sleep

Sometimes it can be hard to know whether your sleep problems are part of the condition or whether they are a side effect of your Parkinson’s medication. It’s important to talk to your healthcare professionals to find out the cause of these problems. 

Tips for improved sleep:

  • Exposure to natural light early in the morning and in the afternoon 
  • Exercise in the morning/early afternoon (exercise is good for muscle tone, tiring you to sleep at night, good for cognition) 
  • Exposure to twilight 
  • Dim the lights in the evening 
  • No heavy meals/alcohol right before bedtime 
  • No stimulants (coffee) in late afternoon/evening 
  • Dark room, Quiet room, Cool room, Comfortable bed 
  • No blue light/screens before bed, no television in bedroom 
  • Reduce liquid/fluid intake before bedtime, reduce need for trips to toilet 
  • If required, put a commode near bed to prevent falls

Possible sleep improvements:

  • Cognitive therapy 
  • Exercise 
  • Meditation 
  • Light therapy 
  • Talk to GP about sleep symptoms 
  • In the future Chronobiology may be part of the treatment.