Information Webinars for CHO 3 on the Neuro-Mapping Project Phase Two Implementation

 December 20 2023, 11:28am

Neuro Mapping Phase 2 Information Webinars

In April 2023, the report and outputs of the first phase of neuro-mapping project were published.  Whilst the findings of this work acknowledged the key role that voluntary organisations play in providing community-based services to people with a neurological condition across Ireland, it noted the need to harness opportunities to enable further integration between statutory and voluntary community-based services, to optimize access.  

Phase Two will seek to further understand the current service and support pathways that occur between existing and developing statutory and voluntary community-services for people with neuro-rehabilitative needs in CHO 2, 3 and 6.  The information obtained will inform the work of the Community Workstream of the Neuro-Rehabilitation Strategy which had its first meeting in November 2023.

We are going to host a series of Information Webinars in January, Febuary and March. 

Information Webinars for service providers in CHO 3

The first two will take place on Wednesday 10 and Wednesday 17 January online from 1.00pm to 2.00pm and these are targeted at CHO 3. 

These Information Webinars will:  

  • Give an overview of the objectives of Phase Two of the Neuro-Mapping project 
  • Outline how it links with the neuro rehabilitation strategy 
  • Outline the plans for consultation and engagement with service users and service providers in CHO 3
  • Indicate how you can get involved 

Registration is open now

We invite you to click on the link below for either 10 January or 17 January.

  • 10 Jan – click this link 
  • 17 Jan – click this link 

Additional Information Webinars

Briefing meetings for CHO 2 and 6 will be taking place in February and March. 

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