Oral Health and Parkinson’s Disease Talk

Dr Graeme Sullivan BA BDentSc PGDip PhD

Lecturer and Researcher

School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Dental and oral care is very important for general good health.

Oral diseases such as tooth decay (caries) and gum (periodontal) disease may impact a number of systemic conditions and have been linked to increased risk of cardiac disease, high BP, stroke, dementia and diabetes among others.

Keeping your mouth healthy is essential for tasting, chewing, swallowing and speaking and will contribute to a better general well-being. A healthy mouth can prevent oral pain and discomfort.

A good oral hygiene routine, together with a well-balanced diet and regular visits to the dentist, is vital to maintaining a healthy mouth.

The mouth serves as a “window” or ”gateway” to the rest of the body, providing clues about your overall health, or problems that can affect the rest of your body.