Pharmacist extension of prescriptions

From 1 March 2024, prescribers, including GPs, can write prescriptions for patients for up to 12 months. Pharmacists can also extend prescriptions, written after 1 March 2024, to up to 12 months if they are for 6 months.

If your prescription was issued before 1 March 2024, the maximum legal validity of your prescription is 6 months. Pharmacists may extend prescriptions for up to 3 months if they think it safe and appropriate.

Extending a prescription: If your 6-month prescription is dated 1 March 2024 or later, you can ask your pharmacist to extend this prescription to 12 months in total. This means that people with 6-month prescriptions can request an extension to their prescriptions from 1 September 2024 onwards.

So, when your 6-month prescription is due to end you can ask your pharmacist to extend it. This means that you may not need to visit your doctor for a repeat prescription.

However, extensions will not be automatically granted. Your pharmacist will use their clinical judgement to decide if it is safe to extend your prescription.

Certain medications will not be eligible for prescription extension.

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