SENSE-Cog Lewy Research Study

A study on ‘Investigating sensory function and its relationships with symptoms, support needs and quality of life in older adults with cognitive impairment’ is being led by Drs I. Leroi (St. James’s Hospital/Trinity College Dublin), S. O’Dowd (Tallaght University Hospital), S. Kennelly (Tallaght University Hospital
and Trinity College Dublin) and J. Kane, Queen’s University Belfast.

The study needs 60 adults over 60 with cognitive difficulties and their study partners to take part in our Ireland sample. The study is are looking for participants over 60 years old and have cognitive difficulties and therefore form part of the population of people that could benefit from sensory loss assessment and treatment. In addition, the person who supports and helps you with everyday activities is also invited to participate in the study.

Please see the links below to the Information Sheets about this study which explains what taking part involves.

Sense-Cog Lewy Participant PIL

Sense-Cog Lewy Study Partner PIL