The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower available in Ireland

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower available in Ireland. This means that people living with a hidden disability in Ireland will now have easier access to the Sunflower. People with non-visible disabilities will be increasingly supported as more businesses and organisations throughout the region start to recognise the lanyard. With a local representative, reduced postage costs and a dedicated, country specific website, we are better equipped to support both our Sunflower wearers and the organisations that support the initiative in this area.

Irish Ferries and three of Ireland’s airports: Ireland West Knock, Cork and Donegal, are already welcoming Sunflower passengers with colleagues trained to recognise the lanyard. Other locations across the country that have adopted the Sunflower include some of the big multi-nationals: Aldi Ireland, Tesco Ireland, ICTS and B&Q. As well as some smaller businesses and organisations: Core Credit Union, Hammerson Ireland, Whitewater Shopping Centre, Five Good Things Cafe and Dundrum Town Centre. The Sunflower is also already recognised in two educational settings: Atlas Training and Setanta School. A full list of venues where the Sunflower is recognised is available on the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower location map

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