Vocal Hygiene

Speech and voice impairments are common among those living with Parkinson’s. As many as 90% of people with Parkinson’s experience difficulties such as “hypophonia” (soft speech) or a more monotone, raspy or breathy voice (Duffy, 2005). 

Vocal hygiene Tips and Advice: 

  • Keep your vocal chords moist and lubricated. Sip plenty of water throughout the day. 
  • Do not shout. 
  • Avoid making sound effects with your voice. 
  • Do not cough and clear your throat, instead swallow and take a drink of water. 
  • Have periods of voice rest, particularly if demand on your voice is high. 
  • Avoid environments with smoke, fumes, strong odours or chemicals. 
  • Avoid cough sweets and lozenges. 
  • Slow down, speak, clearly and slowly. 
  • A voice amplifier may be useful in loud environments (e.g. public speaking, teaching etc.)