Events Social Event Nolita Bar Dublin

What is Social Event? social event is a chance for people with an interest in Parkinson’s to come together and have a chat When is it? Tuesday the 18 April at 7:30 pm. Where is it? The event is on in the Nolita Bar 64 South Great Georges St. Dublin 2 What does […]

Enable Ireland Assistive Technology Talk

What is Enable Ireland Assistive Technology talk about? Enable Ireland Assistive Technology Service is about letting people know what people seek advice regarding access to technology for a wide variety of reasons like Tremor, dexterity, reduced range of movement etc. When is it? Tuesday the 30 May at 6 pm. Where is it? The event is […]

UL update from the research team to monitoring of Speech & Voice

Update University of Limerick project to  monitoring of speech and voice can be conducted by individuals with Parkinson’s Disease Update from the research team on the general finding from the first data sample. Looking for more people to join This study will examine the measurement of voice characteristics to help track the progression of Parkinson’s Disease(PD). The […]

Free AGM 2023

What is AGM 2023?The meeting will be on Zoom and in person in Portlaoise Location Parish Centre Portlaoise or zoom

The Nees Family’s 6 Bens Challenge

Inspired by the work Early Onset Parkinson's Disease Ireland are doing to raise awareness and support for those with Parkinson’s we have added them to our fundraiser.  Sean was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2020. For an avid runner, who had completed 3 marathons in the years leading up to his diagnosis, it was a huge […]

UL Exercise Classes (Online)

Please see details from Marie about the return of the UL online exercise classes after the summer break. The classes will be starting on Sept 15th. John will be running this block again with a group of students. Attached the link to the questionnaire that the UL team would ask any potential participant to fill […]